About Mystic Effects
At Mystic Effects we help Producers, Directors or film makers complete their projects on time and within budget, by managing the creative development process and offering a one stop shop for outsourced creative services.

For more than 15 years, the founders of Mystic Effects have been bringing the latest in entertainment technology and production to light. Specializing in the most advanced digital effects development techniques and creative services, Mystic Effects offers:

  • Live action visual effects production and supervision
  • CG/animation production and supervision
  • Digital post production supervision
  • Previsualization development and supervision
  • Full-service, outsourcing of optical motion capture, HDRI and on-demand rendering services for film and television effects production.

About Our Founder
Mystic Effects is an outsource digital effects firm founded by entertainment veteran John Locke, Visual Effects Supervisor, Post Production Supervisor, Digital Artisan and former Digital Media Scientist for Disney (Bio/Resume/Portfolio). His career spans more than 15 years creating advanced media, effects and designing innovative entertainment technologies for such prominent industry players as Bob Abel, James Cameron's Earthship TV, Disney, Pixar, Sony and others, including:

What We Can Do for You
Mystic Effects offers creative services focused entirely on film and television post production. Whether your project calls for complete pipeline development, digital visual development and previsualization, effects production or simply a SWAT maneuver to avert a crisis, our team of professional artisans, supervisors and technical professionals are here to serve your needs.

Let Mystic Effects do for you, what we have been doing for others for years including:

  • Post Production Supervision - Supervise all post production process (offline, on-line, cg, titling, VFX, music, sound, compression, scheduling, budgets) with the goal of a technically flawless final product delivered on time and on budget

  • Visual Effects Supervision - Technical Supervision, FX crew coordination, production pipeline design, project management and monitoring from storyboard to render

  • Previsualization - Digital visual development of individual effect shots, videomatics and animatics of entire scenes

  • Live Action Visual Effects Production - Live action 3D camera tracking, 2D motion tracking, roto, paint, time remapping, compositing, HDRI and rendering. We're happy to take the grunt work off your hands.

Full Service Solutions
Mystic Effects proudly offers several full service solutions to meet your needs. Just give us a call and we'll set up and manage everything so you don't have to worry. At Mystic Effects we take pride in providing a one-stop-shop for your outsourced production needs including:

  • Outsource Render Farm Services
    Leverage instant-on, high speed remote rendering capacity (700 CPU) to meet deadlines - includes support for Maya, Mental Ray, Lightwave, 3D Studio Max, XSI, Cinema 4D, vRay, Brazil, Final Render and After Effects.

  • Optical Motion Capture Services
    Digitally record natural human motion data for ultra realistic animations and effects. Active LED technologies greatly reduce data occlusions and cleanup requirements for even the most complex captures.

  • 3D Scanning Services
    Enable otherwise impossible shots with high resolution CG characters and 4Kx4K texture maps

  • HDRI Capture Services
    We can arrange to have a fully automated system on site for your HDRI capture needs. In just minutes a panoramic 360' scan is captured and processed for advanced HDRI and global illumination lighting requirements.

  • Entertainment Technology Systems and Solutions Design, Sales and Installation
    PC or Mac solutions, hardware or software. If you need it we can get it for you!

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